Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pin-up friday

10.25 Kristine, Maria
10.50 Dagmar
11.15 Angela, Martina
11.30 Duane, Garret, Sylvanus, Muhammed
13.30 Maja
13.55 Fanny, Maria
14.20 Jenna, Camilla, Daniel, Ola
15.00 Sonja, Monika, Berenike
15.25 Liene, Sarah, Delphine
15.50 Sandra, Kristina

Since the lecture has been canceled, use the time until 10.25 to prepare your presentation.

NO lecture friday 08.00

Anders Larsson has called in sick!

See you at 10.00 for PIN-UP.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


An article from Harward Design Magazine called Design for Rising Sea Levels by Jonathan Barnet and Kristina Hill is available in the office now. Read it and let's discuss it next week!


The lecture on friday by Anders Larsson will start 08.30 instead of 08.00. Then we continue with pin-up after the break.

There are no list of things you should include in the pin-up. Just think about it as a presentation for someone who hasn't been introduced to the project before.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pin-up friday!

This friday we want you to hand in a paper presentation. So far you have presented a lot of interesting text, pictures and diagrams. But now is the time to make use of all the traditional techniques you know from your education so far. Scaled plans and sections, perspectives, axonometries making you understanding your sites by drawing them. Make the information you gathered your own!


Refshaleöen: Plan of the whole peninsula, plan of it's location in relation to other parts of Copenhagen, Sections through the peninsula, plan of different uses today...

Saltholm: Plan of the island in oresund, plan of the island in appropriate scale, sections...

Skanör/Falsterbo: Plan of the site in relation to Malmö/Öresund, plan of the peninsula in appropriate scale, sections through the peninsula...

Höje Å: Plan of the entire Höje Å in appropriate scale. Sections through different landscapes where you work...

Don't be afraid to make big drawings! Sections could be a meter long or more!

If the drawings mentioned above do not fit into your project at all, please mail Sabina or Fredrik and we will discuss your pin-up.

Deadline: Friday 17.00. Place your things on the table in the office.

And of course, you should include all other info about your project, how far you've come and what you plan to do!

Sabina and Fredrik

Literature Seminar 21/2 9.00

We will discuss the text from “The Landscape Urbanism Reader” Thursday 21 feb, 09.00 at the office/room 160.

- Acknowledgement, by Charles Waldheim
- Landscape as Urbanism, by Charles Waldheim
- Landscape of Exchnge: Re-articulating Site, by Clare Lyster

Sunday, February 17, 2008

"Green architecture" on TV tonight

Check out svt 1 tonight at 22.40, there will be a program about future"green architecture". Ken Yeang and others will be interviewed../ola

Thursday, February 14, 2008


W are going to interview two elementary schools in Lund on the 26 of febuary. If you have any questions you would like us to ask, or if you want to come with. Please Contact Martina at 0704-002311 or e-mail at

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Comments on program

I've gone through all programs now and mailed you comments. If you haven't recieved any feedback, mail me again on and attach you program to be on the safe side.

Some general remarks:

I think most of you are on the right track and have interesting topics!

Be careful with your time and remember you've been researching water topics for 3 weeks. Try to make the site specific research as intense as possible. It's time to produce!

Try to always think in terms of presentation. Almost all programs have been plain text without images. From now on we need to communicate more in all products we finish!

Pin-up friday

This Friday we want you to present your material on the wall in the office. We want you to do this in form of at least 2 A3 posters including text, images, diagrams, sketches ... We don't expect layout masterpieces, but try to ask yourself how you can communicate your message without saying it in words. Even though you maybe work in groups doing research we want you all to present individually.

Deadline is friday 3PM. We will go through your work and then we meet monday afternoon and discuss more.

Questions? Mail me at

Saltholm Island future

We are making research about Saltholm Island future perspectives and we would like to ask you to help us. Please go to webpage where you can find information about Saltholm and please fill up our questionnaire on
Thank you!

Kristina & Sandra

Meeting with Mårten Hammer

We have made an appointment with ecologist Mårten Hammer, who has worked with Höje å. We are going to meet him next wednesday. If you have any questions to him or if you want to join us, please contact us.

/Maria & Christina

Höje Å Group

We made contact with people working with Höjeåprojektet at Lund municipality. Waiting for answer, hopefully she will come and tell us about the project and answer our questions.
We will be at Alnarp tomorrow, and hope to be able to meet you there.
Fanny and Maria

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Höje å group

Hello every body working with Höje å,
shall we meet some day somewhere?
Could be after Roland´s tour or maybe Thursday...please give sugestions:)

Digital maps of Höje å


There is some digital maps of Höje å area in "Lerbert": \\Lerbert\Kurser\WATERWORLD\Sonja

You can find there vector and raster maps and information about them in the folder called 'Document' (in swedish only). Four raster map pages are put together in file called 'map_höjeå'.



Towmorrow at 13:00 is a guided tour by Roland.
This is about the wetlands which were created in Alnarp some years ago.
He mentioned them in one of his previouse lecture.
The tour will be 1 1/2 hours long.
Meet infront of the Castel at 13:00.

Monday, February 11, 2008

schedual 12, 13, 14, 15

The new schedual is at the hompage.

Next UFUG meeting is Thuesday at 13.00 with Roland at the Castle.

Friday at 9 Daniel Ängmo comes to tell us about his experiences from the Connectivity 2006 project in São Paulo. Presentation "Social Architecture?"

Pin-up friday pm will focus on explaining the programs as simple grapics.

Keep contact with Fredrik by mail.

If you like to see Roland mail him to book an appointment.

Concerning design phase

The document

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Some pictures from the PinUp#3 snaks and drinks.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Monday 11th of February

What is happening next monday?


Some report about wetlands and Höje å:
and the summary of previous:

Thursday, February 7, 2008

During iscussions today...

...I had a really nice time. I think we might have some really interasting project idaes.

Some references that came up during the discussions were:

MVRDV movie Kampen Weir

Hundertwasser eco house in Vienna, The "Hundertwasserhaus Waldspirale" in Darmstadt
and organic farm Quixote Winery in Napa Valley.

Rikrit Tiravanija and François Roche/Stephanie Lavaux

IFLA world Congress

UiD homepage


Book review

Book review

Cool it
Björn Lomborg

In the book the author looks at the climate change discussion from a different point of view, maybe it is a little bit provocative.
I do think that it was refreshing to hear his side of the story.
Maybe we have blown up the climate thing a little bit too much?
How should we act to minimize it but at the same time cope with the other problems that we have in the world???

/// maja milk

diverse visionary green city

Site: Refshaleon or Saltholm

Diverse visionary green city,
( -Diverse: diverse design-vice aswell as population, user-vice, class vice -Visionary: to experiment and create something new,conceptual Green: sustainability through planlayout, materials and techniques aswell as in the literal sense: lots of green areas, climbing gardens, green roofs etc…)integration of the latest technical sustainable environmental innovations

-create a landmark to visually connect Sweden(Turning Torso) and Denmark(??)-strengthen the "region"

Guidelines, Methods:
-Research on the latest technical innovations within the field of environmentally, sustainable planning- (Literature: “Living systems”?)
- Research of current examples of sustainable “eco-cities”: Dongtan, Foster and Partners etc.
- Try to implement the positive qualities of Christiania such as: possibilities for individual expression, diversity, something “different”
-The concept of space in-between, non-plan in-mind: leave spaces for alternative uses..(literature: “spaces of uncertainty", "non-plan”)
-Urban exploration: leave “traces” and remnants of former uses, contrasts between old and new
-Space Syntax theory: the theoretical base for decisions regarding the placement of areas, streets where you want a higher number of people. Commercial streets , public parks, waterfront pedestrian walks, playgrounds etc….
-Cullen´s ideas on creating a diverse “humane” built environment


8 Pages

When you have completed your 8 pages from your presentation, please PDF the file and place it in the 8 Pages folder; under Lerbert-WATERWORLD.

Saltholm-Integrated Design

I am going to work with Saltholm; focusing on the integration of built and natural landscapes.

I will use a method of non-planning to achieve my goal to plan Saltholm for non-planning.

Through the investigation of both the positive and negetive impacts of developing the island; through self sufficient, sustainable community design.

I plan to prepair a final design for Saltholm after researching and roleplaying possible senerios for the island.



Article published in ’New Society Magazine;’ March 20th, 1969

Non-Plan: an experiment in freedom

Written by: Paul Barker, Peter Hall, and co-contributors Reyner Banham, and Cedric Price

Paul Barker and Peter Halls idea: ’could things be any worse if there was no planning at all?’

From this they came up with the term: Non-Plan

They consider such questions and thoughts throughout the article as:

’Why not have the courage, where practical, to let people shape their own environments?’

’Why don’t we dare trust the choices that would evolve if we let them?’

’Why do people seem so afraid of freedom?’

The subsequent chapters presented throughout the book are essays and
articles alike which were written in response to this idea of ’Non-Plan.’

There were reflections on the role the government has played in society in response to these ideas; as told by Barry Curtis in ’The Heart of the City’

As well as outrageous ideas collaborated by Hadas Steiner in ’Off the Map;’
and a look at what has happened since the release of this article by Johnathan Hughes in ’After Non-Plan’

-Is freedom determined by power?
-Is freedom lost when there is planning?
-We fight for freedom but at the same time we
are afraid of it?
-Why has it become so hard to accept change?

-Who has the power to create freedom?
-Does power regulate planning?
-Do people give up their freedom to power?
-Has power become such an integrated part
of society that we cannot live without it?
-Does power give people the right to create

-Is planning controlled by power?
-Does freedom exist with planning?
-Can planning be the voice of everyone or
does there have to be a compromise?

Please feel free to contribute further to this blogg. If you want to read the book, we suggest starting with chapter 1; Paul Barker: Thinking the Unthinkable and chapter 14; Jonathan Hughes: After Non-Plan, to give a basic understanding of the Non-Plan idea.
//Fanny and Adam

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Check out the BLDGBLOG!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Höje å excursion 5th of feb

We visit Höje å area.
From Hertz Malmö C 08.30, from Alnarp Bobos 08.45.
Bring lunch and boots/cloths.

Höje å projektet slut rapport och Höje å homepage from Ekologgruppen