Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Final pinup

You have 10 minutes to present your project, then 20 minutes for questions and discussion. This means that the longer you present, the less feedback you will get! Gunilla Lindholm, Roland Gustavsson, Fredrik Fritzson and Sabina Jallow will participate in the final pinup. If you have powerpoint or pdf-files please upload them on the computer before it is your turn. The computers will be available from 09.15 both days. If you have other material, as posters, other printed material or models, make sure that you can easily put them up so we don’t loose time when we change groups.

Thursday, Crawfordsalen
09.30 Adam, Saltholm
10.00 Maria, Xristina, Höje Å

10.50 Kristina, Sandra, Saltholm
11.20 Duane, Garret, Muhammed, Sylvanus, Höje Å


13.30 Sonja, Berenike, Monika, Höje Å
14.00 Ola, Daniel, Camilla, Jenna, Refshaleøen

14.50 Liane, Sarah, Delphine, Näset (Skanör-Falsterbo)
15.20 Maria, Fanny, Höje Å

Friday, Gamla aulan
09.30 Dagmar, Saltholm
10.00 Angela, Martina, Höje Å

10.50 Maja, Saltholm
11.20 Concluding discussion

Additional work
If your project is on the limit of passing the course, we might ask you to make some supplementations, i.e. some additional work on the project. You will be noticed the Monday after the course is finished if you have passed.

Apart from the presentation you make, we want from you:

Eight pages in laying A4-format describing your project in text, diagrams, drawings and images. The pages have to have print quality (300 dpi) and be layouted for a booklet, i.e. interesting and readable. Check spelling and language!

One text of 100 words with your project’s name, and a description of your project. Make it interesting! Think of it as an introduction for an exhibition with your project. Deliver on the student server (we make a special folder for this) Name your file with your names, for example sabina_fredrik.doc

One image in laying A3-format (420 x 297 mm) in 300 dpi from your project. It can be a plan, collage, rendering, drawing or model photo - a picture that can communicate your project visually! Deliver on the student server (we make a special folder for this) Name your file the same way, for example sabina_fredrik.jpg.

An evaluation of the course. During Friday afternoon you will do the evaluation in one of the computer rooms. You will evaluate all parts of the course. The evaluation will be the fundament for the planning of next year’s course.

The eight pages + text and image can be delivered the week after the final presentation.

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