Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New places for presentations !!!!!

"Project 4- Landscape Planning for a Sustainable Development" and "Urban Forestry & Urban Greening" are this year named WATERWORLD.

>>WATERWORLD is a communication project, but also a design project.
- What if the water level rose 1 meter?
- Draft for a vision for the Oresund region Final pinup 13-14 mars in Gamla Aulan and Sal 107.


>>Thursday 13 mars, Gamla Aulan
09.30 Adam, Saltholm
10.00 Maria, Xristina, Höje Å
10.50 Kristina, Sandra, Saltholm
11.20 Duane, Garret, Muhammed, Sylvanus, Höje Å
13.30 Sonja, Berenike, Monika, Höje Å
14.00 Ola, Daniel, Camilla, Jenna, Refshaleøen
14.50 Liane, Sarah, Delphine, Näset (Skanör-Falsterbo)
15.20 Maria, Fanny, Höje Å

>>Friday 14 mars, Sal 107
09.30 Dagmar, Saltholm
10.00 Angela, Martina, Höje Å
10.50 Maja, Saltholm
11.20 Concluding discussion
13.00 Discussions at the Office. We’ll talk about future exhibitions and projects.
14.00 Course evaluation in computer room Magasinet

>>Planning with water in mind
Water is crucial for planning. We live through water, and by the water.
Our organism consists of 80% water and we need new water to survive.
Plants need water to grow as part of the eco system, and crops need it in
order to make it to our dinner tables.

>>In the course WATERWORLD we have focused on water issues as an entrance
for Planning as communication, Planning as dialogue, Planning as
negotiation, Planning as non-planning.
And used water as organizational element while asking the questions:
Climate changes ­ how can we work with rising water levels?
Water front urbanism ­ how to build by the water?

>>We can call it visionary urbanism. The purpose is not just to show your
capacity to handle design processes but also to trigger the imagination of the beholder!

>>Water has been considered as the framework for our common efforts during
>>the course.


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