Friday, March 7, 2008

stormwater channels in Lund

Ingela Andersson has made an interesting proposal for stormwater channeling and catchment in central Lund to the recipent Höje å. It comprises of both open and culverted passages. Andersson, a former student at Alnarp made these proposals as a final project in 1995. The project is composed of a 50/50 drawings and text, so even if it is written in Swedish you'll get a good understanding of her objectives. Interesting. She concludes with a summary in English however. You will find her project in the library in Alnarp.

'Regnvatten som stadsbyggnadselement - en idé om hur dagvatten från lasarettsområdet i Lund skulle kunna färdas genom staden ner till Höje å'

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Angela said...

Thanks for that package, we recived it and it is very helpful.